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    The Chatbox Empty The Chatbox

    Post  BiffTech on Thu May 28, 2009 5:35 am

    When we bring the chatbox online, here are a couple of handy things to know, that may help you on your way.

    The chatbox in it's current form, is part of the native programming that is part of this whole forum code structure. So technical issues should be very minor, to none at all. Having said that, it can be somwhat laggy at times. Once we have the chat activated permanently, we will see how it fares. If the chat proves to be popular, & the current form is unreliable, we will look into installing an indipendent chatbox service.

    To use the chatbox, simply log into it, & you're good to go. Use the small post window, next to the send/enter tab, near the bottom right of the chatbox to write your post. Then use the send/enter tab to interact.

    To use the chatbox as a stand alone module, click the chatbox logo on the top left of the chatbox. This will then open the chatbox for you in a new window at full screen. Adjust to your desired veiwing size, then you are free to navigate away from AGU altogether, if you should so wish, but still be able to interact fully with AGU chat.

    Any lengthy degree of inactivity will automatically sign you out of chat. Just hit the login tab again when you are ready to talk, & you will be signed back in.

    One of the first things usually asked in a chatbox is, "How do I change my colour?" This is very easy to do. At the bottom of the chatbox, you will see four or five capitol letters. Click the capitol "A" & you will be then given the option to change your text to a wide variety of colours.

    Links & Hyperlinks work in the usual way... [url]addy[/url] for a standard clickable Link, & [url=addy]message[/url] for a Hyperlink. The linkded page will open in a new window, depending on your browser settings, I assume.

    I hope at least some of you will find this little introduction to the chat, handy.


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