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    Anegen 3.0


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    Anegen 3.0 Empty Anegen 3.0

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:31 pm

    Anegen is the armor and emblem generator for halo3. after searching websites for a decent online version of one to better help me in my quest to look good, i found that no such thing existed.

    i took it upon myself to make a DECENT one using visual basic, and it had to meet at least the basics of my needs (armor generation, saving/loading, emblem creation and randomize). upon this program met the minimum requirements there was always a nagging feeling tellnig me to make it more, and of course thats exactly what i did.

    but to see them you have to check out its homepage and/or download it from there.

    (downloaded from anywhere just isnt right, if u find it anywhere else please let me know)

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