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    Battlefield 1943


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    Battlefield 1943 Empty Battlefield 1943

    Post  Mayesyboy on Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:28 pm

    This is a must have for any Battlefield fan.
    It runs on what I call the frostbite 1.5 engine, which could be the official name, because it is definitely an improvement over Bad Company's engine.
    The buildings seem to fall apart better than in BC apart from bunkers which aren't meant to, although the terrain deformation doesn't seem as good as BC's.
    The graphics are nice. It's a bright and colourful game, which is better than the grey/brown colour pallette of most recent games *cough*Gears 2*cough*
    The water, it doesn't really do much but hold the boats, but it still looks amazing, they've really done well on that.
    Theres 2 times of day for the match too. It's either dusk or dawn (I can't tell which) and then midday. You play as one team at midday and the other at dusk/dawn. This means you play the same map twice, like gold rush in BC.

    Flying a plane is quite difficult, so I recommend playing the tutorial for a bit and just flying around to get used to the controls. When you can pilot a plane pretty well it's fun. Although I still find chasing and shooting other planes quite hard, I can usually get a kill with the bombs because I've learnt divebombing isn't the best strategy as it usually makes it hard for me to pull back up, so I slow down a little and drop a bomb then immediately speed up. If I miss, I turn around and go back Smile

    The landing crafts are fun, I just like dropping down from the sides, and if you have a driver you can talk to you can usually get some kills from the guns.

    There are also air raid bunkers where if you enter them you take control of 3 bombers which fly into the map. While you are in this bunker you can't be killed. The bombers aren't very agile, so you'll want to know where you're planning to hit before you get close so you can make it worthwhile. Everyone is alerted that the bombers will be coming though, so you usually get a plane trying to take them all out before you can carpet bomb the area. I did manage to take them all out once, but that only usually happens if their target is at the far end of the map.

    As far as I am aware there isn't any friendly fire, which is great Smile
    I've carpet bombed places full of teammates and not killed anyone, but that could just be because you would kill a lot of teammates with that, I haven't bothered shooting others, but when I take a plane a teammate wants and they shoot me, it does no damage, so I don't think there is friendly fire.

    It is well worth the 1200 MSP price tag, and I recommend buying it if you like Battlefield games. If your aren't you can get the trial and have a 30 min go at it, playing with people who have the full version.

    The release didn't go too well though. EAs excuse was "We didn't expect this many people to purchase the game" so at the moment it's hard to get into a game, and it will be until they add more servers, which DICE are working on now. But to be honest, that excuse is stupid, Battlefield has lots of fans and they know that.

    And the map you unlock when the community reaches 43 million kills shouldn't be too hard to get. Although the counter isn't supposed to start till Friday, it already has (It will most likely be reset) and after almost 17 hours, we have 3.2 million kills. I reckon it will take just over a week to get Coral Sea unlocked.

    Oh and it's only 550mb or something, so it doesn't take long to download.

    Anyway heres the release trailer, and a link to the marketplace to buy it, or get the trial.

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    Battlefield 1943 Empty Re: Battlefield 1943

    Post  BiffTech on Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:03 am

    It do's look like a lot of fun mate. & thanks for taking the time to write a review Smile


    Battlefield 1943 Biffagu1-2
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    Battlefield 1943 Empty Re: Battlefield 1943

    Post  Ice_quad1 on Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:36 am

    I bought this game shortly after reading your review .... I almost haven't stopped playing it since! It's so much fun! It's definately a great addition to the battlefield games

    the air superiority mode is awsome! you just fly around in planes n blast other planes! it's an all out aerial war!

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    Battlefield 1943 Empty Re: Battlefield 1943

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