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    hi remember me?

    K1LLA 4 H1RE
    K1LLA 4 H1RE

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    hi remember me? Empty hi remember me?

    Post  K1LLA 4 H1RE on Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:45 am

    hey guys dont know if anyone knows who i am but i used to come on the old forums back a year ago or so before my pc got fucked up and i forgot the website.

    anyway sorry i havent been on but i'm back now and thought if i could rejoin and get to know everyone again (if anyone remembers me that is lol) well i'll try and stay active on the forums unless my pc breaks again which it has every month for the last year or so now but if you ever wanna talk my xbl gamer tag is: K1LLA 4 H1RE but just so everyone knows my account or xbox or both got fucked up a good year ago so my xbox only signs me in for 10 mins before it some how makes me appear offline while i'm still online and i dont even how to fix it i tryed everything even brought a new black elite xbox. but anyhow catch me if you can am online almost all the time after 11 (school holidays for me dont start till middle of september) so if you ever wanna hang out or just talk just give me a shout yo.
    The Bullet Magnet

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    hi remember me? Empty Re: hi remember me?

    Post  BiffTech on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:57 am

    lol Yeah, I remember you mate. Hope you've been well, & welcome to AGU Smile

    hi remember me? Biffagu1-2

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